Mystery & Thriller Book Recommendations

Halloween is coming up! And in the spooky spirit, I’d like to honor my favorite holiday with 5 thriller, horror and mystery book recommendations. And they’re all by fellow CamCat authors!

Dead Air, by Michael Bradley

(Thriller) As anonymous letters threaten to destroy Kaitlyn’s reinvented life as the top-rated radio DJ in Philly, her life spirals toward a reunion in the one place she’d hoped to never visit again: The Shallows. Recommend if you like twists, flawed characters, and page-turners. Learn more or get the book here.

The Disappearance of Trudy Solomon, by Marcy McCreary

(Police procedural) A bad-ass detective teams up with her father, a retired cop, to retrace a cold kidnapping case, only to realize that the clues reach deep into her past and uncomfortably close to home. Recommend if you like classic detective stories, true crime, and strong female protagonists. Learn more or get the book here.

Dead on My Feet, by Patricia Broderick

(Cozy/amateur sleuth) A tongue-in-cheek adventure revealing the dark secrets of the quirky characters in a posh SoCal seaside community embroiled in scandalous murders. Recommend if you like witty writing, colorful characters, and a little bit of Hollywood glamour. Learn more or get the book here.

The Ghosts of Thorwald Place, by Helen Power

(Paranormal mystery/thriller) Rachel is murdered in the elevator of her apartment building. Spirit tethered to her death spot and the apartments nearby, she observes her neighbors’ lives, uncovering their secrets, while trying to figure out who killed her and why. Recommend if you like genre-bending stories, original plots, and unique characters. Learn more or get the book here.

The Taxidermist’s Lover, by Polly Hall

(Horror) One stormy Christmas, Scarlett recalls her year-long love affair with Henry, a renowned taxidermist. Obsessed with his taxidermy creatures, she pushes him to outdo his colleague and world-famous rival in a crescendo of species-blending creativity. Scarlett will not be able to avoid a reckoning with her own past as Henry’s inventions creep into her own thoughts, dreams, and desires. Recommend if you enjoy lyrical prose and twisted relationships. Learn more or get the book here.

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